> Richmond Human Artefakts

The brainchild of one artist's suggestion, "Human Artefakts" is a traveling exhibition put together by a group of assemblage and collage artists from all over the globe. Each artist used the title as a theme and created work based on their interpretations of what a human artefakt is or what it means to them to create each work. Each leg of the exhibition is curated and coordinated by a participating artist and all works are for sale. Spelled phonetically, artefakt refers to handmade objects made with skill by human beings. If you ask each artist what "human artefakts" means to them, their answers will be as imaginative, creative and inspiring as each work of art created for this exhibition is. I believe their work stands as answer enough. Many of the artists in the exhibition have never met face-to-face or even talked on the telephone, our paths having crossed in an online art discussion group for members of the International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists or through other artistic avenues and includes many artists from all over the world. The "Human Artefakts" exhibition will open at Art Works Studios and Galleries in Richmond, Virginia, from early February through mid-March in the Jane Sandelin Gallery. From there the exhibition moved on to Chicago, Illinois, then traveled on to Bremen, Germany and closed out 2006 in New Zealand. -: Krishanna Spencer Human Artefakts Richmond curator & exhibition co-organizer Human Artefakts logo by Janet Jones